Her Honor, His Glory Rosaries and Faith-Inspired Jewelry

It started out simply.  My mom taught me how to make rosaries.  

I made them with her and then, after her breast cancer diagnosis and ultimate passing, I made them to comfort myself.  Soon the wall behind the door filled with them and my husband thought maybe - just maybe - I could sell some and recoup some of our investment in the beads!  So, in addition to giving them as gifts to friends and family, I began selling them.
The jewelry?  I needed something nice for my medical ID bracelet.  Online they sold for $70 but I knew that, if I could make a rosary, I could figure out how to make a bracelet with two clasps.  And so I did!  That's when the jewelry began...!  (Much to my husband's dismay, I think!)  
So, here we are!  A lasting legacy to my mom, and of course to Our Blessed Mother, in the form of unique, hand-crafted rosaries and faith-inspired jewelry.  
There is something for everyone.  
I hope you find something you love!

Soli Deo Gloria -