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Her Honor, His Glory Rosaries and Faith-Inspired Jewelry

It started out simply.  Jennifer's mom taught her how to make rosaries.  

She made them with her mom and, after her mom's breast cancer diagnosis and ultimate passing, to comfort herself.  Once the wall behind the door filled with them, her husband thought maybe - just maybe - she could sell some and recoup his investment in the beads!  So, in addition to giving them as gifts to friends and strangers alike, she began selling them.
The jewelry?  That began when she needed something nice for her medical ID bracelet.  Online they went for $70 but she knew that, if she could make a rosary, she could figure out how to make a bracelet with two clasps.  And so she did!  That's when the jewelry began.  
So, here we are!  A lasting legacy to Jennifer's mom in the form of unique, hand-crafted rosaries and faith-inspired jewelry.  
There is something for everyone.  We hope you find something you love!

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